Name: West-Japan Auto Recycle Co.,Ltd(WARC)
Location: ECO-TOWN in Kitakyushu,Fukuoka,Japan
Shareholders: Yoshikawa Kogyo Company Limited
Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.
Nittetsu Transportation Corporation
Nippon Steel corporation
Kyushu Metal industry Co.,Ltd.
Capital: 100 Million Yen
Employees: 24
Capacity: 1000 cars/month initially
3000 cars/month at maximum
Plant Area: 20,000m2 including 1500m2 Partsware-
All paved and covered working areas
Operation: Beginning of February,2000
1. Seeking Maximization of“Material”Recycling by,
●Optimum Collection/Re-use of Reusable Parts
●Reproduction of Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Materials
●Alteration of glasses & plastics as resources
2. Protecting the environments through proper dismantling by,
●Removal of all hazardous items in advance
●Shredder-less operation
3. Providing Customer satisfaction by,
●Wide selection from more than 10,000 parts in stock
●Quick response to customer's quotations through
 computerized control system
●Economical accommodations & ln-plant rest house


※This Animation is offered
by the City of Kitakyushu

Business experience:
The biggest shareholder,Yoshikawa Kogyo Company Limited
already has experience in parts business with mainly
southeastern Asian customers during the past 3 years,on the
basis of more than 15,000 cars dismantled. Those parts were
collected from mostly all Japanese cars and some foreign-
made cars. The new company, WARC, is going to be formed
by gathering from the same and wider sources and is thus
able to provide a more preferable selection of parts to
Parts in stock:
Manufacturers: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki,
Daihatsu, some from foreign made cars
Year of Make: Low-Aged Cars (5-7 years old), Middle-Aged Cars
(7-9 years old), High-Aged Cars (10 years and
Main parts: Engine, Transmission, Radiator, Various Outer
Body Parts
Since about 10 other dismantling companies are scheduled
to open their plants next to our plant within the next two
years, the area is going to become a huge parts-supplying location.
Therefore, customers can buy as many parts as they want
at the same place in case buyers are dispatched.